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Transportation Insurance

We prepare an effective infrastructure for you for the security of your product and the possible harms. You can get a secure logistic service with transportation insurance.

What is Transportation Insurance?

Transportation insurance is the arrangement done in the scope of a contract in case of damage, theft, breakage or other harms. The firm and the customer can overcome crises easily thanks to this contract. For example, a situation that happens during the transportations can be evaluated and sanctions can be realized based on the contract. Otherwise, problems cannot be solved and there will be a big crisis in the international transportation area. In order to decide which party is responsible for the problem and what is the problem clearly, we serve you in the most transparent way.

Collateral Types in Transport Insurance

While the products to be transported abroad by road, seaway, and airline, various types of collateral are offered to customers. For example, narrow assurance is determined by some governments; it includes problems such as unwanted unloading due to accidents. This situation is not valid in airway transportations and generally offered for seaway. Wide assurance is a really comprehensive type of insurance includes all type of risks except the situations occurs because of the product itself. For example, the products carrying despite the fact that it is not convenient for the transportation service used, cannot be included by a wide assurance contract.

Some types of assurance include the risks that may occur based on wars, trikes or social protests. If international transportations are carrying in these conditions, the damages happen because of these factors can be covered by special assurance types.

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