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Customs and Storage

Point Logistics serves in international transportation creates comprehensive solutions for your custom and storage needs.

What is Customs?

Custom means the process of operations run at the border of the countries at the customs crossing area. when the materials sent to foreign countries. For transportation that is compatible with procedures, some controls should be done. It is like the procedures should be done with the government when it is necessary to walk across the field. That is, the country that is crossing over makes some controls about which kind of materials are carrying in which conditions. There will be lots of transactions about documents and possible risks.

There is a similar procedure carried out in Turkish Rebuplic. This procedure is based on directly related law. Custom areas include not only the highway but also the airway and seaway. The custom of the materials carried and the following process of the procedures during these transactions offered by Point Logistics.

What is Storage Service?

Storage service is a mandatory service that should be received during the customs process. Because during the custom crossing process, the products should be stored in the most appropriate conditions. When the custom process maybe take a long time, your products will be stored in the right place and right conditions. Especially in the areas where export transactions are intense, it is a high possibility for need of storage service.

Custom Against Smuggling Activities

Some firms may realize smuggling activities in order to escape from taxes during the custom crossing process. This means illegal trade is happening. No matter which sector is it, we choose the firm we work by standing against smuggling activities. In order for all the logistic activities to be based on laws, we follow all the process in detail and do not cross the border of the rules of international transportation.

The product crossing control is done in the government independent areas and our team knows the details of this procedure waiting in that area to follow the process. This process, which is important for the countries is critical in order to prevent security weaknesses. That is, there is a need for low in order to control the product that threatens security, before the taxing requirements. If a country excepts the products from another without any control, it is considered to compromise from its border security. International transportation activities offered compatible with custom rules.

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