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Airway Transportation

We serve high-quality airway transportation from the strategically important areas of the international field. We use a widespread agency network during the process.

Delivery from Airport to Airport

Your products will be delivered from an airport to the other will be carried professionally. We deliver your product to the target address and make all the custom transactions. Our priority is the idea of partnership because we started the transportation process based on a certain plan and after making a conversation with you. For the highest rate of customer satisfaction, we realize all the plans in the name of you.

Combined Transport

You can combine different transportation methods with airport transportation service. This service is named as combined transportation and includes sea + air, truck + air options. If the transportation of your products requires this, we realize all the process after you give us the necessary information and confirm the process.

Transport from Door to Airport

We carry your products from your door to the airport. If the product amount is high in business are and if you cannot carry them to the airport, this service is the best one for you. You can take advantage of the procedures to offer ease to you. In addition, you can also receive from the door to the door transportation services. We transfer products taken by your door, and transfer it again from the airport for the target door!


Consolidation, which means postponement of the debt to another date is one of the procedures offered by us. We work the solution-based way in the problems that happened in the payment step.

Hazardous Material Transport

You can benefit from airway Hazardous Material Transport services. The transportation will be carried by the appropriate product vehicles with correct placement and certain precautions. Hazardous Material Transport service requires much more precautions than other types of transportation services. Because of the harm, it may create in the environment or other people can be really high. The legal criteria are determined in that sense and Point Logictic follows all of these.

Airport to Door Shipping Service

Thanks to our firm, which offers Airport to Door Shipping Service, you can gain time. The product taken to the airport can be delivered to a target destination by shipping. The delivery will be done on the date contracted. Because the procedures of crossing countries are more in international transportation, there may be flexibility in duration. However, we will give you an average duration time after calculations possible delay.

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