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Seaway Transportation

Seaway transportation is offered by Point Logictic professionally. We have a membership of FIATA and UTIKAD.

Complete and Partial Container Transportation

The container placed in a shipment boat can be carried completely or partially. The situation may change based on product number or customer’s requests. We guarantee you safe transportation procedures in all aspects such as container placement and container ship location.

Special Container Transportation

You can get Reefer, open top, flat rack, tank transportation services. Reefer container represents refrigerated containers. The open top is a container that you can open from the top, tarpaulin from the ceiling. If both sides and ceiling part is open, it is a flat rack. The tank container is shaped like a cylinder. This kind of variety is best for products.

Door-to-Door Container Transport

In the seaway transportation, you can get delivery service to the target door. Door-to-Door Container Transport is a comprehensive satisfactory service. Many firms get this service from Points Logistic.

Container Loading and Unloading Services,

You can get container loading service before transportation of container or you can get unloading service after transportation. For people who want more comprehensive seaway transportation, this will be the best option. You can evaluate Container Loading and Unloading Services.

Combined Transportation

Sometimes in seaway transportation, a need for two different vehicles occurs. For instance, you can get logistic service first by train ship then by truck ship. We follow these processes in detail.

Heavy Load Machine Transport

This transportation service, seen especially in the context of a project, is Heavy Load Machine Transport. If you need to transport your Heavy Load Machines internationally, you can apply for that. We take necessary precautions based on the machine to be carried and we serve in the most rigorous way. In heavy cargo transportation, materials independent from machines and tools can also be included in this category. You can also make your fair transportation by seaway. Our firm has the experience and necessary certificated for these processes.

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