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Project Transportation

Point Logistics, which serves project transportation in a wide range, has all the necessary authority certifications and has connections with international agencies.

In Which Sectors Is Project Transportation Carried Out?

Because project transportation includes a wide range of sector lists, it is beneficial to explain what is it first. This type of transportation focuses on huge products. This size may be based on the product’s weight or volume. Too tall and too heavy products, long construction machines, products with large dimensions can be included in this scope. Such materials are more commonly used in factories, mining areas, and in energy and construction areas.

To illustrate, a construction firm serves internationally wants to send some kind of infrastructural products. We follow all of the transportation processes as a logistics firm with all the formal procedures. The products should be carried can be, for example, necessary hardware and devices for the workplace. We serve with the most appropriate advanced high-tech fleet by reviewing the product that should be carried. Our advanced truck fleet consists of our own vehicles and we are gaining speed with double driver service on the road. We also provide solutions by taking into account the expectations of our customers in the installation and de-installation processes.

Long and High Material Transport

We transport all the heavy constructional machines and long and high products in the most secure way. We won't remind you that our firm has all the necessary authority certificates. This means that we calculate all the risk possibilities, then make the plans and realize transportation. For example, the placement of the metal rounds that has meters of long, the fixing and installment of them are included in our service. We consider the weight capacity of the vehicle we use and create our transportation route by examining the roads to give permission for big vehicles. All of these services require the profession. We, as Point Logistics, have the necessary profession for this service.

Which Transportation Methods Are Used in Project Transportation?

You can get seaway project transportation service, apart from highway and airway. In the seaway, containers are used based on the products that should be carried. In airway transportation, solutions are offered by using the right transportation platform and considering the importance of installation transactions. Our customers can also take advantage of combine transportation.

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