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Road Transportation

We transport all your products should be transferred to a different country by using highway transportation. We go to different parts of the Europe with our own vehicle fleet.

In Which Europian Countries We Serve?

Point Logistic serves in many Europian countries including England, Poland, Romania, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Belgium, France. The installation in these countries begins on Tuesdays and each day custom crossing is done. In these services, the only method is accepted as a road and two drivers use the vehicles for rapid transportation.

Partial Transportation

If the products of a vehicle are not completely owned by a single customer, but more than one customer, then this is the partial transportation. This kind of transportation is really common in the sector. Because this way, you can transport your products at more affordable prices. When it is understood that truck has a wide area in it, if your products are not that much, you do not have to make an additional charge with partial transportation.

Complete Transportation

If all the truck is fulled by your products, this is complete transportation. The vehicles we have in our fleet are determined based on your requests and taken to the target destination for a healthy delivery. All the precautions are taken to determining how many products you have and what kind of products they are. Point Logistics follow all the legal procedures.

Express – Ultra Express Transportation

We realize your extra rapid transportation requests. Our expert team knows everything about different routes and creates the best strategy to express transportation.

Transportation Methods in Road

Refrigerator transportation means the transportation of cold products by protecting technical infrastructure. We also realize dangerous goods transportation and project transportation in addition to this. We create a strategy by calculating the possible risks and features of the products. The technical features of our vehicles are adequate for this. Our training and documents on protection measures and strategies on what to do against potentially harmful situations are complete.

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