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Express Transportation

We serve international transportation fastly and professionally. We care about customer satisfaction and offer appropriate vehicles.

The Advantage of Transit Time

As Point Logistic, we service 2 – driver highway transportation service with our own fleet. This service means your products will be carried with the uninterrupted transportation process. Rotationally used vehicles are useful to compensate for lost time from other procedures. Our drives serve you in a professional way. Our trucks and firm works with all the necessary official documents. We offer express transportation services compatible with the rules of international transportation infrastructure activities.

Fair Transportation

We serve fair shipping internationally for numerous sectors. We manage the delivery of the products for a certain date. You can get rapid services in the field of installation and transfer for the fair times of a foreign county. This service includes customs and storage. So, we carry out all the necessary process of your project.

The products crossing custom areas in the scope of any fair are examined in detail based on strict procedures. Our team is an expert in this process. The security of your products is ensured by insurance. You can make your choice among narrow or wide range transportation insurance policy. If you want you can call us for two-way fair transportation. Fairs may require product presentation and installment.

Factors Affecting Transport Time

Factors such as customs intensity and general travel traffic can be decisive in international shipping operations. The weight of the products or the transportation method used also determinative. Airway transportation is more rapid but in each method, there may be a custom waiting period. During the crossing custom area, countries employ different procedures because the security of the process is important.

In the seaway, container loading and unloading processes may take a long time because of the certain placement plan. This is because the containers require high precision during the placement of the shipment boats. In Point Logistic, serves express transportation, you will be informed about the duration of the transportation. You will be also informed about determinative factors.

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