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We make the transportation of textile products. We serve in high quality and rapid way in this field.

We have been giving this service for a long time. We raise the quality level of textile transportation in the work. The first thing you may want when it comes to textile logistics is the rapidness. We offer both rapid and secure transportation for you. This service will create satisfaction in your firm offered in the most advantageous way. You can get more information from us.

Textile Logistic Service

Details of the service are offered to you. You will see we offer the best transportation service after looking at the service details. All the criteria we promised are realized one by one during the process. When we communicate with you, we will ensure that all your questions will be answered. Our team members give you all the necessary information and ensure all your needs are covered.

Logistic service based on weight;

Of course, there may be differences in the products’ weight. In that case, the necessary infrastructure is prepared rapidly. Our current infrastructure ensures you can get professional service with no problem to occur. You can evaluate it and get more information.

Technological infrastructure;

It is important to have the necessary infrastructure for professional logistic service. In this case, the carry of the products is done directly by technological devices. The following of your products are done without any damage happen to them. You can get information in this step and benefit from a perfect service. All the precautions are taken for a flawless service.

Textile Logictic Contact

We offer rapid contact with our customers who want to take rapid service. Do you wonder how? The given contact information will be enough for that. You can get the answer to your questions by communicating the authority of our firms. Get connect with us to get textile logistic service.

Point Lojistik İthalat ve İhracat Telefon (0212 623 04 14)
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